Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint

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Kapella Apartments green policy: enhancing sustainability

Solar panels for hot water

We use solar panels for hot water.

Recycling bins in every room

Since the municipality is not allowing us to recycle, we have decided to take this responsibility ourselves. Our team separates all the collected recyclable material into the proper containers on our property (glass, paper, aluminum, metal, plastic, compost/organic). We then transport these containers to the private recycling center in Liapades.
We take great pride in transferring these tons of recyclable materials to the right place and feel immensely gratified that this private initiative exists.

Eco friendly & vegan detergents

We exclusively use certified ecological/organic detergents, thoughtfully selected to safeguard the environment and our well-being, for our daily cleaning and washing needs, including dishes and clothing (such as bed linen, towels, etc.).

Reduce of plastic & packaging environmental footprint

We provide only refillable water bottles made from glass. Additionally, we offer only refillable 100% recycled plastic bottles for our bio toiletries.

High quality bio/eco toiletries

Modern research has discovered the beneficial effects of olive oil properties lately as a health and beauty “elixir.”
Centuries before, olive oil has been used in Greece for various hair & body care applications.
Utilizing its many qualities, OLIVE ERA™ created a full line of care products featuring olive oil as the main ingredient combined with various Greek herbs and extracts.
A rich source of provitamin A, vitamins K and E, and other powerful antioxidants, olive oil has a beneficial effect on the hair and skin, nourishing, moisturizing, strengthening, fighting against aging and wrinkles, protecting against the sun’s rays, and combating free radicals damage.
The Mediterranean climate and unique properties of the Greek landscape provide special qualities to the main ingredient in OLIVE ERA™ beauty and care products, strengthening the feeling of rejuvenation and stimulation created by their use.
Greek nature meets spa treatment.

Eco othropaedic Mattresses

Coco-Mat Natural Materials: Carefully chosen to bring Nature’s wisdom to your bedroom. These natural materials promote a healthier sleep environment and lower environmental impact.

Top Mattress with Exceptional elasticity, responsible for the body’s lighter parts, gives extra comfort and quality to your sleep.

Αll our devices are chosen with the lowest possible energy consumption

When we chose the devices to complete every room, our first criterion was the lowest possible energy consumption.

We use "plastic cards" for power, to reduce waste of energy when you leave your apartment, as well as for your safety

We use “plastic cards” for power, to reduce energy waste when you leave your apartment, and for your safety.

Biological cesspool

Biological cesspool.

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